About Nikki and John

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Greetings friends!  We are Nikki and John Apt.

In 2013 we gave up everything and decided to take a huge leap of faith. Our mission was to be of use to others at any given point in time. We lived out of our car offering spiritual counseling and healing on a donation basis. We have never turned anyone down for their inability to pay. We learned a lot about manifesting, listening to intuition, the value of genuine gratitude, honesty, vulnerability and giving whatever you can to others freely with Trust and Faith.

The lessons continued to come, and while many felt challenging, we evolved at an accelerated rate. We started working directly with the homeless and the under privileged, feeding and clothing them directly and inviting local businesses to give back to their community.

We also started finding every way we could care for Mother Earth in any moment, leaving every nature spot we visited cleaner than we found it and even planting new flowers and plants. We lead an active online community of people with similar paths that is now over 4,600 members and growing daily. We continue to assist and motivate others into heart based thinking and inspired action toward global solutions.  We have become full time humanitarians, environmentalists and partners in transformation for all those wishing to collaborate individually or collectively, locally or globally.

Our omnifaith ministry, established as a ‘free church‘, has no religious agenda and is action based, boots on the ground tangibility and is palpable by those we serve and those who witness our service.  Our mission has many parts and pieces, however, all of them focus on unconditional giving to others and inspiring others to do the same. We were officially ordained in 2016 (see below).  To those who can offer, we ask they contribute. To those in need, we give ourselves freely.  We are here to do something different, show new ways, and to help others remember old ways that are serving of the greater good.  You can read our vows of service for even deeper understanding of how we live our life.   While this website is updated from time to time, you can also keep up with the latest events and messages we share with the public on our Fan Page.

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