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Peace On Earth

People of Earth, Brothers and Sisters, Family of the One Soul Tribe,

We come to you today to validate the good news that you have always known in your hearts and anticipated your entire lives.  The moment has arrived. Our destiny is here.  It represents the pivotal moment that we see the Truth and Power that is literally sitting in the palms of our hands. This Truth points to the realization that our collective will can and shall be done for the highest good of all.

Unity is now a choice and singular decisions can change everything.  We all choose the story line now and are currently writing the next chapter of humanity’s experience.  The most inclusive narrative wins.  Collaboration with unified intent is key.  We all want the same things.  Complexity is an illusion.  Simplicity is grace and illuminates the path of least resistance.  The elephant in the room is showing us that simplicity and collective will are ready to merge, thereby creating a wholistic synergy to carry us from this now to the greatest future possible for everyone and everything on Planet Earth.

So, what is next?

Disclosure of the scientifically irrefutable formula for World Peace is coming, beginning in Los Angeles, and it represents the greatest litmus test of Truth.  This is a clarion call to the leading edge of consciousness to remember this moment of destiny we chose to play out in unity, to stand in solidarity bringing about the crescendo of all that we have previously known possible.  We come together now to collaborate, celebrate and stand in the light of our greatest convictions, questions, achievements, solutions, conspiracies and truths as we co-create the most authentic visions and dreams we’ve had and actualize them into manifested experience.  Let’s walk together now in lock step for the flowering of human consciousness and the emancipation of humanity.  This is the most relevant dialogue in history and we are enlightened enough and infinitely over skilled for the task at hand.

We humbly ask you the following:

  • Are you open to the possibility that the answers to humanity’s most pressing challenges are hidden in plain sight?
  • Who will host the gatherings?
  • Which venues will open their doors to create the sacred space for those championing world peace?
  • Who would you like to see participate and who will you invite?
  • How shall we celebrate?

With love from your messengers of Truth and Love,

Michael Petrakis & John and Nikki Apt

Believe In God? Be Like God!

meat industryWithin some of the social circles and communities that  claim  themselves to be ‘enlightened’, I often hear it said that everything is perfect and we only need to change ourselves. We simply need to find peace within. I am willing to consider that there may have been times in human history where some individuals may have existed in scenarios where this was, in fact, useful. I don’t believe it to be accurate any longer in regards to human evolution and the conscious evolution.  If we believe in God, and the idea that we are all emanations of God, it only logically follows that we must mindfully and consciously be like God.

As technology has evolved alongside humanity, so have many other aspects of our experience, existence, abilities, situations, problems and solutions. A group of monks being tested by a rowdy village next door may have been perfectly understanding their situation when realizing that all they needed to do was accept the perfection of the moment and bring themselves to peace within. Today, many of us are coming into this life so empathic that we not only feel the pain and suffering of those around us but, we also feel the pain of those who are extensions of us in our soul flower. How are we to find complete zen within when there are so many of our brothers and sisters struggling to survive and suffering in the process and we feel ALL of it.

Growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, I was taught that the best thing I could do was teach the bible to others and this just never sat right with me. My first realization of this came in 1984 at just 6 years old when the church’s own publication ran photographs of starving children in some far away land and I recall hearing one of the adults in our bible study circle say that they were going on a mission in Africa. This mission was to preach and instinctually I asked if they were going to feed the starving kids while they were out there and they quickly said no. I couldn’t fathom in my young mind how preaching the bible was more important than feeding people and I still can’t fathom it in my almost middle age mind.

There’s a truth that we must individually find as much peace within as possible to avoid feeding the inner demons that could lead us down paths of further inner and outer destruction, including greed and selfishness, anger and violence, lust and rape, and so forth.

mlk1Here are some choice quotes from one of my greatest heroes… Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
“The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”
“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”
“Pity may represent little more than the impersonal concern which prompts the mailing of a check, but true sympathy is the personal concern which demands the giving of one’s soul.”
“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”
“The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?” But… the good Samaritan reversed the question: “If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?”
“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”
“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

war 1The truth, as I see it, is that our inaction in any unjust situation is just as evil as those committing it. I learned more studying Rev. King than the Jehovah’s Witness church ever taught me. Their passive belief that God will fix everything and they will receive salvation and everlasting life on a paradise Earth as a reward for their ‘good efforts’ of preaching the word of God is flawed, just as every other church that has forgotten that those who claim to be close to God and believe the messages that Jesus and other great messengers shared have forgotten. Be like them. More importantly than worshipping the messengers is embodying them.

A wise man once said that to be a person of God, to embody the Spirit, we must remember the love. We can’t be ‘enlightened’ when we are indifferent to the suffering of others and we can’t reach a convenient point in our learning and say that we’ve heard that all is perfect and we’ve found our peace within so now we just hold that is limiting. Consciousness is ever expanding and growing. We are intended to grow beyond limiting beliefs. To me, believing that the ONLY thing that solves anything is simply achieving that inner peace and then wait for everyone else to ‘get it’. The universe is a complicated multi-dimensional place. Simplicity is valued AND rare. That doesn’t mean the solutions and actions you are taking have to be complex but, you came here for a reason. Our purposes are multi-layered and involve a balance of body, mind and spirit each represented through many dimensions. We are all invited to master meditation and creative visualization. It doesn’t end there.

domestic violenceThere are many still lost in ‘the darkness’, trapped in the matrix, unconscious or whatever it is you wish to call it, and those are the ones we are here to help, heal, teach and lead the way for. There are others that are waiting for the one who will awaken them with a simple kind gesture or word of encouragement that reminds them of who THEY are. Every human on this planet, including you, has infinite potential and reaching outside of our own spiritual bubble is important to complete our mission here. The starving child in any image could be the one, after all, that brings about the greatest solution to humanity’s problems if we nurture their body and mind.

It’s time for us to remember who we are. Stand up, do your part and until you know what it is, do what you can. Start each day with gratitude in your heart and ask what is the greatest way you can nurture your body, mind and spirit and then ask how you can be of service to others. Follow the clues and nudges from Spirit. The synchronicities lead you to those who will inevitably say to you, “I just prayed for this.”

child abuse 1Once you e positioned yourself in a place of understanding how much impact your smallest gestures can create, start asking the bigger questions. One of the most powerful influences in my life taught me to ask, “How can I relieve the greatest amount of suffering in the shortest amount of time with as few resources as possible?” That question, and variations of it, has led me to global solution ideas such as The Universal Inspiration Project and others. You have greatness in you that is unique to you as an individual. Any perceived limitations in your experience can be transformed from excuses to inspiration and, possibly, even the greatest clues as to what you are here to heal and transform. Each of us can use our challenges as a way out if we choose and it may fool others and give them cause to let you off the proverbial hook, however, you cannot fool Divinity. There is no excuse for allowing your purpose to drown in a sea of fear. You know the way out. Start swimming.

Remember: you are an emanation of God. So is every other here. Will you, as God, tell the rest of God that it is not as important as your vacation? That it is not as important as your hair appointment? That it is not as important as your retirement? That it is not as important as your luxury car? That it is not as important as your isolation? That it is not important enough to face your fears, limiting beliefs and self imposed prison of excuses? That it is not worthy of the healing you can offer if it cannot pay you $XXX? That it is not important enough to be relieved of its suffering if you have to ‘sacrifice’ your comfort or illusion of security?

Remember who you are. Remember who everyone else is. Remember what we came here for. Remember love. We believe in you.

You Are Not Alone In Your Challenges

Jesus was poor and homeless.

Albert Einstein was a horrible student and was rejected by several universities based on his academic performance.

Beethoven was deaf.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and jailed almost 2 dozen times.

Steve Jobs was a drop out that used marijuana and LSD and slept on floors in dorm rooms of friends while he crashed only the classes he wanted to take.

Vincent Van Gogh was only able to sell 1 painting out of 900 completed pieces during his life.

Joan of Arc was an illiterate peasant.

Helen Keller was deaf and blind.

Stephen Hawking is a paraplegic.

Malala Yousafzai survived a bullet to the head by the Taliban for her cause.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for his cause.

Demosthenes had a debilitating speech impediment.

Abraham Lincoln grew up in poverty, fought deep depression his whole and had a histrionic wife.

Benjamin Franklin only had 2 years of formal education.

Every single one of these brilliant minds and history changing figures faced challenges in their personal lives and great odds against what they stood for. Our society has created programming in us that would have us rejecting them now and many to judge and mock them.

They could have used the judgment of others, fear of failure or adversity to their causes to allow them to hold back. We will never know how many people never rose to the greatness they were destined to be by excusing themselves and hiding behind their woes, however, none of these ones did and you don’t have to either. Each of them paid a great price to accomplish what they did.

What lies inside of you that can add you to this list of heroes? What cause or passion have you locked behind excuses?  Do you realize it is easier now than ever before to be You in the world and follow your heart? The only thing that will ever say otherwise is your own fear and self imposed disempowerment.

When you choose love for yourself, you honor those inner callings and express authentically which, in turn, translates into the love of all because Truth serves the good of all. This love of all and service to Truth helps you to see your connection to everything and the realization of unity consciousness begins to emerge.

Unity consciousness is the greatest solution possible to all of humanity’s perceived ills. Are you ready to step into the power of Unity?


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What If?

What if all the ‘bad’ and difficult people in the world simply took on the burden of those roles to teach us unconditional love?

What if every single experience you’ve had, from horrific to blissful, and every person in your experience has just been YOUR karma returned and no one has EVER harmed you?

What if every bit of traffic you’ve sat in and every person who cut you off was divinely orchestrated, simply slowing you down to protect you from a worse fate that lied ahead?

What if every accident you’ve ever witnessed was created by a cosmic theater team to remind you to be mindful for yourself and others?

What if for every opportunity for a good deed you did not act on meant seven moments others would disappoint you, while every good deed you act upon or seek out invited seven miracles into your experience?

What if every injustice you see in the world is created to remind you to think, speak and walk in your truth, to say good prayers and to find answers in your heart? What if you’re not even meant to solve the problems as much as you’re meant to see the power that lies WITHIN you through your connection to your Creator to heal what must be healed through miracles?

What if you became the answer to more of others’ prayers than the number of prayers you speak?

What if speaking your Truth allowed you to be a messenger of peace and transformation?

What if emotional pain was only ever created through resisting the destiny you chose?

What if you saw every fear as a motivation to overcome instead of holding back?

What if you can be the one that completely changed someone’s life in a profoundly positive direction?

What if you are destined to be remembered along with the rest of humanity’s greatest minds?

What if your ideas are better than you give yourself credit for?

What if your actions had reverberating effects for the rest of time?

What if you remembered who you are?

What if YOU are the least enlightened person here and we are all waiting to celebrate your greatness?

valuesIf you feel inspired by our messages and mission, perhaps considersupporting our cause with a donation or contacting us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Paradigm Shift Guidelines

The following paradigm shift guidelines are those we believe to be true and helpful, even if they are intended to be expanded upon.  These are the ways we can move through a blessed life and bless others with our presence and service:

Choose faith instead of fear. Many of us are still running false programs designed to keep us in line with the power of the few. Eliminating these programs and stepping forth in faith (in whatever deity or higher power you choose) puts you in line with collective power and empowerment of all beings, present in this physical reality or not. On this Earth plain or not. The human mind has no comprehension of the magnitude of consciousness present in the universe that is always working in our favor.   

Remember that nothing has happened TO you and has only happened FOR you.  You are here to love, forgive, rise above and thrive.  A simple shift in perspectives can change your experience from victim to victor in a split second and empowering ways of learning and growth can be opened up to you.  Nothing perceived as harmful or painful has come to you from another that was not karmic, tough love or completely co-created.  Forget your story and remember your glory. Leave the past behind, used only for reflections of contrast, growth and gratitude. Look forward now towards success and joy on a collective level.

Above all else, choose love in every moment. Love is that which defines the collective’s source energy and the oneness of all. Your personal indivi-duality can embrace oneness, a greater purpose and be washed with love and unity.  Focus on your heart’s truest desires that you Know are for the greatest good of all and set aside the individual needs that only temporarily satiate or temper selfish  and material desires that will never fulfill your heart.  

Union with your highest love and all those in your experience is inevitable and necessary for us to accomplish manifestation of the collective’s desire for love and unity of all. If you have found your highest soul mate/twin soul, it is time for physical union to bring down and project that love and unity into this holographic 3D reality now. We have all learned what was necessary to learn through the contrast of division and separateness. Union with our highest divine partner available is the reason for their presence in our experience. Be committed to the union and spread that out as commitment to unity. This is not meant to be interpreted as polyamory. This is intended to be interpreted as a call to community beyond union.

Ask in every moment and every aspect of your experience if you are choosing with love and faith to serve the greater good. Is your job serving the greater good? Is your home open to share with others for the greater good? Are you sharing your abundance (money, food, material possessions, etc.) for the greater good? Are you speaking and acting for the greater good? Are you receiving what is offered to you in joy for the greater good? Are you seeking wisdom for the greater good? Are you planning and dreaming for the greater good?

Let your intuition precede logic following the guidelines above. Go where your heart is. Go where your mind keeps wandering because there is a plan outside of what most think you are able to influence in this moment. If you are called to speak with a stranger, do so even if you don’t know what to say – a simple hello or compliment can open the gateway of fellowship.

If your attention and curiosity is drawn to anything at all, follow that as a clue, regardless of what your fears may tell you. Your fears only exist because you have allowed them to. Be mindful of which fears exist to protect you and which ones exist to stumble you or hold you back.  Those willing to step forward in faith will be greatly rewarded and will be offered a multitude of opportunities to be of service to humanity.

Become aware of synchronicities in your experience. They are guideposts and signs offering you clues, important messages and leading you to assignments and blessings on your.

Solidarity takes precedence over solitude. Unity over duality. Open your door to those in need and those in service. Walk in public with your heart wide open. Seek and receive as many new people into your experience as you can beyond digital communication and beyond your community. Seek out those you would normally discriminate against or fear. Reach out to those who seem opposite of you. Look for every opportunity to ‘open a door’ for another, to ‘feed’ another and exemplify love to another through your expressions and interactions.  We are here to eradicate the illusion of separateness.

Step out your door and go where the people are and where you are called. Events, gatherings, busy places, churches, temples, and anywhere three or more gather are your calling to fellowship and relationship building as well as sharing your light.

Choose discernment in finding those who teach, promote and encourage unity consciousness,  unconditional collective love and all attributes and qualities that are designed to pull us out of the illusion of separateness. Search your heart deeply when receiving information, teachings and guidance from those around you for authenticity, resonance and wisdom and choose those that lead by example through their practical application.

Challenge all existing notions, ‘rules’ or limitations. We all desire change. We all must change. Give to others first what you wish to receive from them.  

Unconditional love begins with self and radiates to all those around you. It is boundless and unlimited and accepting of all experiences being love (even if it’s tough) or a call to love. Nothing more.  There are no accidents or mistakes.  We are all in this dance together, remembering what it is like to be in Source energy where nothing is forbidden and everything is forgiven that aligns with our heart’s Truth.  

Speak everyday to whatever higher power you believe in. Speak gratitude and only ask for opportunities to be of service and desires that you know can benefit all. (i.e. union for all, abundance for all, healing for all, etc.) and know with faith that what you pray for the collective also includes you and will also be granted you. Do your part to create that which you’re asking for. Walk in the direction of your desires and always express authentically.  You are perfect as you are right now and your evolution, as well as anyone else’s, comes at a self chosen pace.  

Offer your gifts freely to all, regardless of ability to pay. It does not matter what societal norms are anymore. Anything in your experience that limits you from fully giving of yourself can be released. Find all the most useful ways to be of service through your talents, skills, trades, arts, crafts. It does not matters if you are doctors, lawyers, teachers, healers, entertainers, farmers or any other, we can choose to see equal value and equal opportunity to serve others regardless of any perceived lack of worth. You are here to serve the greatest good. What you have acquired in abundance, knowledge and skill is intended to be shared freely.

All ideas and visions belong to the collective. Share ideas freely and collaborate with those in alignment. Fearlessly share what comes to you without the notion of ownership or obligation to implement. Know that all good ideas that are of service to the collective will be implemented by all the right ones. Your divine ideas are not necessarily your assignment if a clear path is not revealed. Openly and lovingly share solutions, ideas, philosophies, positive words and visions with all.

If you are being drawn to other places, go. If you have been without employment, rejoice and ask what your assignment is now. If you have lost connection with a loved one (or loved ones) and feel incapable of doing what you think you are meant to for them, trust. If you are homeless, keep moving. If you experience the death of loved ones, celebrate their ascension into the collective. If you are ‘feeling stuck’ regardless of how hard you try to move in the direction you want to, be still and have faith. If you have not forgiven others, do so. If you are still judging others or being offended by others, love unconditionally and accept what it is telling you about you, not the other.

Speak in empowering ways. Use words and ideas, inwardly and outwardly, that empower yourself and others. Be mindful of what energies you’re willing to take in or how you may be resisting what comes from others.

Anything that teaches or encourages limitation, fear, separation, discrimination, inequality, superiority or inferiority, etc. is false. The collective is only interested in unlimited potential and infinite possibility, faith, love, equality and justice.

When we stop feeding into, relying on, supporting and believing in existing systems that no longer serve the greater good, they lose their power and cease to exist while we usher in new ones that are in alignment with our authentic selves.

R-Evolution, progress, change and movement can be swift AND peaceful. Violence or disrespect towards self or others is no longer necessary. Those who will be martyrs are intended as martyrs and is not planned by the individual. You do not choose your martyrdom or not. You are encouraged to choose ahimsa for everything (in thought, word and deed). Destruction is no longer necessary. Only transformation is required now. Peace will prevail.

Let faith and love be your motivation, know that all things, people and circumstances being removed from you or put in your experience are for good reason and no imbalance or injustice exists except for that which you perceive or attempt to control.

You are loved, supported and celebrated far more than you realize. All the greatest blessings will be bestowed upon you in their rightful time. The manifestation of your truest heart desires are inevitable. Your willingness to be authentic and genuine is all that is needed for you to receive that which is destined to be yours.

This message is written for the ones that it resonates with.  Please feel free to copy, save, share and repost freely. We love you.


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The Time Is Now – Wake Up To Your Purpose

We realize that this message may not speak to everyone that reads it, however, the Truth behind it will resonate with those it’s meant to. We hold space that it will reach the hearts of the ones that are meant to hear it and receive it.

This is a message to all servants and helpers of humanity:

The collective has agreed that you now have all the permission you need to fully engage. Wake up to your Purpose here.  The collective agrees that all missions are to be supported in every way. The collective has agreed to cooperate and collaborate fully with the solution finders and implementers of ideas and to freely give that which they can to provide the resources necessary to create your vision.

You are enlightened enough. The time is NOW. The ‘problems’ that have plagued you have been the training needed for your agreed upon mission. You are called to bless and transform that which you see needs changing. You are a revered being present now in the generation of many messiahs, acknowledged and seen as such and each of you is a vortex of light, love, creation, abundance, and wisdom. Within each of you resides the power to heal and transform everything you touch and everything you focus on, even from afar.

There is no race, competition, better ideas or opposition so you are asked to move swiftly with each other now. All the most efficient paths have been lined up for the ones willing to walk them. The first to set foot on the path with others following are nothing more than way showers. There is none greater than you so be secure in the knowing of your own divinity while holding hands with all those willing to walk with you, before or after, on the path of loving service you choose.

Any and all perceived challenges on an individual or system wide level are simply gatekeepers testing your resolve and commitment. They were created to strengthen your Faith and dedication to your Truth as well as weeding out those who wish to bring glory to self instead of glory to all of humanity. They are a checkpoint along the path of least resistance and the illusion of their power over you vanishes when you remember your power as divinity incarnate.

You are now in the era of messiahs. Each of you, a humble servant in a wave of messengers sent here to awaken and inspire all to remember the old ways that must be practiced again and the new ways that integrate into this rapidly accelerating existence as we each bring one piece of the Heaven on Earth Puzzle to society’s round tables of discussion and fellowship.

All that which creates less than bliss in your life is meant to be surrendered now. You no longer need to hold your fears, limiting beliefs, smallness, competitiveness, indivi-duality, anger, sadness, insecurity, or any other 3D paradigm that you have chosen to hide behind. Examine all perceived obligations, necessities, attachments, ‘shoulds’, and material pursuits and surrender all those that you know are inauthentic or disserving. Clear the way Now for your destiny and greatness to enter in it’s place.

You are to receive any and all abundance that comes your way as it is offered to you. Joyfully receive all gifts and offerings and the ones that are not yours you are carrying forward to others you will come in contact with. Allow this flow to take place through you. That which you have gathered and received that is unneeded by you is meant to be consciously placed with the ones your heart guides you to share it with. Keep this flow moving. We cannot stress this enough. Become a conduit, not a dam. If you have been holding a dam, let it burst forth now and bless those stepping forward in faith.

The time is Now. Choose. Commit. You are good enough, strong enough, educated enough, fit enough, resourceful enough and abundant enough TODAY. You are the only limitation to yourself now. The moment has come. Move. Go. Trust.

We love you,
The Collective Conscious


If you feel inspired by our messages and mission, perhaps consider supporting our cause with a donation or contacting us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.