Mission and Projects

We have one main mission.  To seek opportunity to improve the quality of anyone or anything in our experience to the best of our ability for the highest good of all each and every day.  That ends up breaking down to individual opportunities day to day and person to person and through larger scale solutions we see in the bigger picture.  What we cannot accomplish alone we seek to speak about in ways that inspire and motivate others towards united action.  We are engaged on this mission full time and rely solely on donations made by those who value what we do for them as an individual and/or what we do for the collective.

We speak freely and fearlessly about our ideas, publicly.  We believe that they are not something we own.  If another recognizes ‘our idea’ as their mission, is passionate about it and can manifest its implementation, we have done our job simply by delivering it to the one who can invest the perfect energy into it.  Global solutions are a tree of good thoughts that anyone should be able to pluck from.

Additionally, there are ideas we can all own and should be picked up by all.  Giving time and attention to those who seek your comfort or answers, taking care of the less fortunate, and healing our planet and all that resides on it are jobs everyone should be tending to, regardless of their beliefs, status, financial resources or any other ‘challenge’ they see.

Our Current and Ongoing Projects

  • We regularly work with indigent populations which manifests mostly into work with the homeless (including food, clothing, self care and blanket distribution and counseling work among other tasks that are necessary on an individual basis)
  • The Universal Inspiration Project is a love in action movement inspired during a meditation when asking the question, ‘how can I relieve the greatest amount of suffering in the shortest amount of time?’
  • Tending to our planet is something we can all do.  We do our part by picking up litter wherever we go and leaving every nature area we visit better than we found it, including planting new plants and flowers when we feel called to and tending to wildlife needs (injuries, honorable carcass disposal, abandoned baby care, etc.).
  • Our roots began with spiritual counseling, transformational coaching and healing.  We do this primarily with individuals, however, will sometimes work with couples or families in crisis also.  Our spiritual counseling is interfaith and has no specific religious dogma or legalisms.  Instead, we focus on everyone’s individual relationship with Source/Creator and their infinite potential while leading them towards their greatest version of Self.   Our intuitive healing comes through the form of healing massage, laying of hands, reiki, aromatherapy, and more.  We are always expanding our understanding of holistic healing to be of even greater service as healers.
  • We regularly act as volunteers in several different capacities at non profit and conscious events all over the West and Southwest United States (fire tending, teaching and cooking being our favorites!).
  • We believe in the power of positive prayer, especially in numbers.  We are frequently ceremony bringers and participants, always ready to lead or join in prayer with elders and wisdom keepers of all lineages and tribes.
  • Ongoing collaboration with fellow humanitarian, Michael Petrakis, on Earth Coherence – a multi-part social transformation and world peace project, among others.

Upcoming Projects

  • Long Walk On The Beach – We intend to walk from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico cleaning the beaches of the West Coast United States.  We hope to be joined by others and raise awareness of the issue of beach litter and ocean pollution.  We intend on daily weigh-ins of how much trash we’ve picked up and to sort it responsibly into recyclable, green and miscellaneous disposal.  We intend to vLog and document the best and the worst parts of the journey and inspire others to take action in caring for their local beaches also.
  • Suspended Meals – Our long term vision for this is global, however, beginning with the US and Canada, we wish to create a non-profit organization that encourages restaurants and all food establishments to participate in a program to allow patrons to pay forward meals so anyone hungry and in need can come eat a meal with dignity.
  • Compassion Coaching for Law Enforcement – with all that is going on in our country and abroad, now more than ever, our law enforcement, first responders and military need to embrace compassionate service for those they protect.  It is our aim to find all the right individuals to assist in creating the processes and materials needed to provide no cost training and support for all those willing to participate.
  • Documentary projects (including an ongoing web series) that focus on solutions for humanity’s common challenges, created to raise awareness and inspire action.