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Peace On Earth

People of Earth, Brothers and Sisters, Family of the One Soul Tribe,

We come to you today to validate the good news that you have always known in your hearts and anticipated your entire lives.  The moment has arrived. Our destiny is here.  It represents the pivotal moment that we see the Truth and Power that is literally sitting in the palms of our hands. This Truth points to the realization that our collective will can and shall be done for the highest good of all.

Unity is now a choice and singular decisions can change everything.  We all choose the story line now and are currently writing the next chapter of humanity’s experience.  The most inclusive narrative wins.  Collaboration with unified intent is key.  We all want the same things.  Complexity is an illusion.  Simplicity is grace and illuminates the path of least resistance.  The elephant in the room is showing us that simplicity and collective will are ready to merge, thereby creating a wholistic synergy to carry us from this now to the greatest future possible for everyone and everything on Planet Earth.

So, what is next?

Disclosure of the scientifically irrefutable formula for World Peace is coming, beginning in Los Angeles, and it represents the greatest litmus test of Truth.  This is a clarion call to the leading edge of consciousness to remember this moment of destiny we chose to play out in unity, to stand in solidarity bringing about the crescendo of all that we have previously known possible.  We come together now to collaborate, celebrate and stand in the light of our greatest convictions, questions, achievements, solutions, conspiracies and truths as we co-create the most authentic visions and dreams we’ve had and actualize them into manifested experience.  Let’s walk together now in lock step for the flowering of human consciousness and the emancipation of humanity.  This is the most relevant dialogue in history and we are enlightened enough and infinitely over skilled for the task at hand.

We humbly ask you the following:

  • Are you open to the possibility that the answers to humanity’s most pressing challenges are hidden in plain sight?
  • Who will host the gatherings?
  • Which venues will open their doors to create the sacred space for those championing world peace?
  • Who would you like to see participate and who will you invite?
  • How shall we celebrate?

With love from your messengers of Truth and Love,

Michael Petrakis & John and Nikki Apt