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You Are Not Alone In Your Challenges

Jesus was poor and homeless.

Albert Einstein was a horrible student and was rejected by several universities based on his academic performance.

Beethoven was deaf.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and jailed almost 2 dozen times.

Steve Jobs was a drop out that used marijuana and LSD and slept on floors in dorm rooms of friends while he crashed only the classes he wanted to take.

Vincent Van Gogh was only able to sell 1 painting out of 900 completed pieces during his life.

Joan of Arc was an illiterate peasant.

Helen Keller was deaf and blind.

Stephen Hawking is a paraplegic.

Malala Yousafzai survived a bullet to the head by the Taliban for her cause.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years for his cause.

Demosthenes had a debilitating speech impediment.

Abraham Lincoln grew up in poverty, fought deep depression his whole and had a histrionic wife.

Benjamin Franklin only had 2 years of formal education.

Every single one of these brilliant minds and history changing figures faced challenges in their personal lives and great odds against what they stood for. Our society has created programming in us that would have us rejecting them now and many to judge and mock them.

They could have used the judgment of others, fear of failure or adversity to their causes to allow them to hold back. We will never know how many people never rose to the greatness they were destined to be by excusing themselves and hiding behind their woes, however, none of these ones did and you don’t have to either. Each of them paid a great price to accomplish what they did.

What lies inside of you that can add you to this list of heroes? What cause or passion have you locked behind excuses?  Do you realize it is easier now than ever before to be You in the world and follow your heart? The only thing that will ever say otherwise is your own fear and self imposed disempowerment.

When you choose love for yourself, you honor those inner callings and express authentically which, in turn, translates into the love of all because Truth serves the good of all. This love of all and service to Truth helps you to see your connection to everything and the realization of unity consciousness begins to emerge.

Unity consciousness is the greatest solution possible to all of humanity’s perceived ills. Are you ready to step into the power of Unity?


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