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What If?

What if all the ‘bad’ and difficult people in the world simply took on the burden of those roles to teach us unconditional love?

What if every single experience you’ve had, from horrific to blissful, and every person in your experience has just been YOUR karma returned and no one has EVER harmed you?

What if every bit of traffic you’ve sat in and every person who cut you off was divinely orchestrated, simply slowing you down to protect you from a worse fate that lied ahead?

What if every accident you’ve ever witnessed was created by a cosmic theater team to remind you to be mindful for yourself and others?

What if for every opportunity for a good deed you did not act on meant seven moments others would disappoint you, while every good deed you act upon or seek out invited seven miracles into your experience?

What if every injustice you see in the world is created to remind you to think, speak and walk in your truth, to say good prayers and to find answers in your heart? What if you’re not even meant to solve the problems as much as you’re meant to see the power that lies WITHIN you through your connection to your Creator to heal what must be healed through miracles?

What if you became the answer to more of others’ prayers than the number of prayers you speak?

What if speaking your Truth allowed you to be a messenger of peace and transformation?

What if emotional pain was only ever created through resisting the destiny you chose?

What if you saw every fear as a motivation to overcome instead of holding back?

What if you can be the one that completely changed someone’s life in a profoundly positive direction?

What if you are destined to be remembered along with the rest of humanity’s greatest minds?

What if your ideas are better than you give yourself credit for?

What if your actions had reverberating effects for the rest of time?

What if you remembered who you are?

What if YOU are the least enlightened person here and we are all waiting to celebrate your greatness?

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